Our unique program for infants provides age-appropriate learning and development activities, while also providing interaction with children of other ages.

Reflective of a natural whanau environment our infants can choose to join closely supervised activities with other age groups, as well as activities set up specifically for them.

We believe in gentle, patient care and in supporting families in their feeding and sleeping routines.

(0-2 years)
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Our toddlers are encouraged to explore and discover new ideas and their surroundings in the safety of close supervision.

Interacting with older and younger children in activities that are inspired bychildren’s own interests, toddlers are encouraged to learn independence in thought as well as physical tasks and play such as climbing, washing hands and taking care of belongings.

We support parents and whanau in teaching independent feeding and toileting.

(2-3 years)

Building on our toddler program, pre-schoolers are supported in learning the key competencies that will help to give them a strong start in school.

Taking children’s own interests as our lead, our teachers provide rich play activities – from baking and sensory activities to trips and excursions - that boost children’s knowledge, social and language skills and independence.


Activities to boost basic number, alphabet and phonics knowledge are a daily feature, with children encouraged to recognise and independently write their name.

Pre schoolers
(4-5 years)